At INAX, we continually strive to win public design awards vetted by third-party judges. INAX products are highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad and we believe receiving recognition through such design awards for our tireless efforts is a powerful way to build customer confidence and trust.


Resilience Toilet

Wall Hung Shower Toilet Remote Controller (354-1768)

Quick Tank System

Wall Hung Shower Toilet (YBC-P113PM-TU,CW-PD11QNEC-TU)

Sensor Integrated Wall Hung Urinal (YU-A21A,YU-A21A-TU)


Basin for Brushing Teeth

Navish (battery-operated)

Eco Aqua Shower

Aqua POWER Showerhead

Uru-Tsuya Filtration System

All in One Filtration Faucet AJ-Type

Electricity-Generating Remote

Sound Decorator